Cyber attacks are here and are on the rise – with CyberProtect you will have an army of professional experts to support you and to resolve the technical side in the event that you are cyber attacked.

CyberProtect service benefits will enable you as a student to achieve better results by ensuring that if you are victim of a cyber attack or cyberbullying we can provide support....

Losing access to a learning platform is bad enough, but what if your laptop, pc or mobile got hacked and it had an assignment or a report on it that was due for assessment, then CyberProtect is here to support and help you in these types of times of need.

Being cyber attacked can be very stressful and CyberProtect for $10 per month will give you that peace of mind with access to the following:

  • 24/7 and 365 days a year unlimited access to the helpdesk of cyber experts
  • For cyberbullying, CyberProtect will give you access to a team of professional counsellors
  • Cyber Disruption Certificate, CyberProtect will provide professional evidence that your device was cyber attacked
  • CyberProtect will cover you up to $3,000 for costs relating to financial loss, identity theft and device restoration from a cyber attack.