What's covered?

CyberProtect supports individuals and their families to reduce their exposure to a cyber-attack and gives them peace of mind in the event of specific cyber risks. CyberProtect is not a Commercial Cyber Product.

We provide you with Cover for:
CyberProtect provides you and your family cover for the following


We shall indemnify you for your financial loss arising directly from a cyber event which you first discovered during the policy period.


We shall indemnify you for restoration costs arising directly from a cyber act which you first discovered during the policy period.


We shall indemnify you for identity theft expenses arising directly from an identity theft which you first discovered during the policy period.

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Do I have a ‘free look’ period?
  • You will have 5 business days after the Commencement Date of your policy to consider the full terms and conditions. If you change your mind during this 'free look' period, notify us in writing and we will cancel the cover and refund any payments you have made. An exception to this would be if you make a claim during the 'free look' period.
  • After the 'free look' period has passed, we understand that you have considered the Policy Schedule and Wording and we commit to providing the cover you requested.


How do I make a claim?

As soon as you become aware during the policy period of any fact or circumstances that is reasonably likely to result in a loss covered under this policy, you must notify us as soon as possible, but no later than 72 hours after discovery. Please contact 0800 292371 [0800 cyber1] for assistance. This hotline is available during operating hours from 11am to 7pm (Monday to Saturday).
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What is your Financial Strength Rating?

All licensed insurers are required to have a financial strength rating ("FSR") from a rating agency authorised for this purpose by the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Beneficial Insurance Limited has been rated B++ Outlook Stable by AM Best Company. The AM Best company financial strength rating scale is as follows:
A++, A+ (Superior), A, A- (Excellent), B++, B+ (Good)
B, B- (Fair), C++, C+ (Marginal), C, C- (Weak), D (Poor), E (Under Regulatory Supervision)