Employee Protection - Against Cyber-Attack

Employee Protection - Against Cyber-Attack

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We are living in unprecedented times, as most of us have been working remotely, our children have been studying remotely and still may be doing this in some way. This proves difficulty for all parties, employers, and employees but we are in this together. We are all settling into the ‘New Norm’ and starting to understand how this will work, we are however still aware that changes are inevitable, and we need to prepare ourselves for this.


It is well understood that organisations are focused on ensuring that their businesses are safeguarded against cyber attacks. However, there is very little support for individuals to safeguard their identity, data and private information. All it takes is one wrong click from any family member and the whole family’s personal information, and data may be at risk.


Beneficial Insurance a 100% New Zealand owned, managed and staffed insurance company is proud to present CyberProtect to the New Zealand market. CyberProtect is an insurance product that covers personal and household cyber risks for everyday individuals and families. It is available for all individuals and families within New Zealand. CyberProtect is there to protect what is important to us all as Kiwis.


For as little as $10 per month, CyberProtect will give individuals peace of mind with access to the following:

  • 24/7 and 365 days a year unlimited access to our helpdesk of cyber experts
  • For cyberbullying, CyberProtect will give individuals access to our professional counsellor team
  • CyberProtect will cover individuals up to $3,000 for costs relating to financial loss, identity theft and device restorationfrom a cyber attack.


If you would like to discuss CyberProtect as an employee benefit please feel free to contact us at admin@cyberprotect.co.nz

If providing this as an employee benefit is currently not an option, please do share with your employees information about CyberProtect. CyberProtect can be found at www.cyberprotect.co.nz


Be in to win one of three iPads - visit the CyberProtect website and register your interest and you will be in to win and the CyberProtect team will let you know if you have won also when the product launches in the future.

If you have any questions you can contact us at admin@cyberprotect.co.nz

We are here to deliver peace of mind by offering Personal Cyber Protection to everyday Kiwis.



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